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7 Cakes And A Birthday

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How do you celebrate your birthday? Me? I have a set of rules which I imposed to my closest friends, bless their hearts; but mostly I set for myself, including pre-birthday treat, which usually involves a lot of eating and PJs shopping.

Last month, on my birthday’s eve, I went to Popolamama, the Japanese pasta restaurant to have my favorite classic Bolognese pasta with nasu and cheese. I bought a pink PJs set from H&M and brought back a cupcake home since I didn’t think I’d be getting cake this birthday and I’d be damn if I didn’t celebrate my own birthday eating a cake!

Boy, was I wrong about the cake part..

Now, to make it easy, we shall name the cupcake I got, a cupcake on a cupcake (birthday cake should be extra special or contains at least two cupcakes) as Cake #1.

Birthday Cupcake

At 12 AM, Hulk called to wish me. And more text messages came. Each made my birthday felt special from the very beginning. Thank you guys! After replying to all, Miaw and I sang Happy Birthday together and blew the candle on Cake #1.

White roses

At work I was greeted by this gorgeous set of white roses bouquet. I don’t have much to say about it except that gosh, I LOVED it. Fat mono-colored roses bouquet is the way into my heart. I kept looking at it and smiling widely, on the inside, since it’s a workplace and I had to pretend to be pretty professional about such stuff.

Hotcakes McDonalds

I was treated with McDonald’s breakfast, hotCake #2, which I have been craving and talking about for months. That was a sweet surprise indeed, thank you ladies!

Later in the morning, Mama Geek sent a couple dozen of cupcakes to work. A proof that she knew her daughter very well.


^^ Let’s call these babies Cake #3.

Lunch was my treat, which is a common practice for birthdays here in Indonesia. How about in your country? Who treats the birthday meal? We went to Seribu Rasa for Indonesian meal and a stretched lunch break. We took pictures, we shared food, it was all good.

Birthday Cake

I came back to work and saw this, Cake #4, on my table. My cousins sent me a birthday cake! My favorite strawberry cheesecake, because they’re awesome! Thanks woi <3

Let me tell you another favorite thing of mine on birthdays: birthday cards. I guess it has something to do with getting a birthday card from Papa Geek each year ever since I could read. He would write something short but loving inside with his beautiful handwriting and I cherish it a lot.

Cat Birthday Cards

This year I got a sweet surprise from Vi, who sent me the card together with a recent picture of me chilling with my feet up which she took in our AirBnB in Furano. I love the card’s design, it’s so SO me. Vi, did you choose this because of all those feet only Instagram posts? 😀 And the other two were from Hulk. It has cats on it, you guys! Four cats!! Cats on cards, nothing beats that!

Ps. I think the middle cat and I share a similar smile. I am not joking.

Kue Ulang Tahun

This was not really a cake cake, but I blew the candles in front of my loved ones. So let’s call it Cake #5.

Mickey Mouse Shoe Vans

^^ This is the type of Instagram picture I mentioned above, which I suspect was the inspiration behind Vi’s card. Also, the Mickey shoes were a birthday gift. I officially have the coolest shoes in town!

Birthday Cake

^^ Cake #6 was celebrated privately. It wasn’t my favorite cake, but it’s the only one that I had proper pictures with. The rest was devoured before before clicking.

Macaroons Meet the last “cake”. Cake #7 was not one, but two, boxes of macaroons from my BFF. Thank you Jik for giving me macaroons birthday cakes for two years consecutively. Let’s make this a tradition pleeeeeeeeeasee 🙂

It doesn’t escape me that I am extremely blessed, to be surrounded by so much love, great people and overflowing abundance. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside whenever I scroll through my photos and see these cakes pictures, among many disturbing and unfit for public consumption pictures. Finally, I want to thank Hulk, my cousins, BFF, colleagues, besties and everyone who made my birthday extra special. You all are awesome sauce, please stay in my life.

How do you plan to celebrate your next birthday? I say have more cakes!

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  • NANNNNAAAAA! fml it is high time i get into the business of sending cards. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST! I’m so glad you’re being stuffed with good cake. Live long and stay happy! – Aish xx

  • Happy birthday!! So many delicious cakes!

  • Azenith Eriga

    happy birthday! cheers for more cakes to come all throughout your life


  • Happy happy birthday!!!
    Firstly, a Japanese…pasta…restaurant???!!! That sounds really cool!

    It was my birthday on the 3rd. I had a STINKING cold. I went out for a lovely dinner with my friends in the evening though.

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