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Birthday Goodie Bag From BFF

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It was my BFF birthday. We celebrated it over a dinner at Chinatown at a restaurant of her choice. I met her after work, while she took a day off (something I have also been doing these past years; a valuable lesson I learned from her). The birthday girl wore a polka dot dress and a big white flower on her head, and this is me for E! She looked all pretty and happy sitting in the round dining table waiting for us. Forget about pregnancy glow, birthday glow is the it thing or so I want to reinforce to the society.

We ordered dim sum, had Chinese tea and listened to her mostly, since it was her day. Finally we gave her the birthday gift, we all chipped in to buy her a pocket camera and the look on her face.. She loved it. Yay!

She brought her own birthday cake, made a short speech (prepared on index cards, which was so her) to thank each one of us, and then she gave us goodie bags. Goodie bags you guys! It brought back memories of childhood birthday parties. When I was a kid, it’s a custom for the host to give party favors to the kids who attend the birthday party. I loved it! I loved getting one, peeking what’s inside and immediately tearing it open once I reached home. I am not sure at what birthday age exactly this tradition stops but eventually it would stop unless if you are a celebrity or my awesome BFF.

Party Favors

I was thrilled by this surprise, more so when I found out she personalized it. She decorated the sides of the bags and filled it with the things each of us like so no one got the exact same party favors. I got my favorite snacks, a box of teas, a bow hairband, glittery nail polish, a shower gel and, my favorite, the notebook pin.

I love her idea and I seriously think that we should keep the party favors tradition alive and put my BFF name as the re-pioneer. That would be a perfect gift no Jik? As promised, I am working on putting your name in the history.

Are you guys on the same boat with me? How awesome would it be to get/give birthday party favors? What would you share on your birthday? I would definitely put some stationaries, maybe washi tape and postcards.

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