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Meet: the Other Geek aka The BFF

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Hi you guys, I have been thinking to share about the people behind the Geek with you. It will be like checking out McDonalds’ nutrition website before placing your order. You want to know what exactly make their fries crispier and yummier than KFC’s; also you want to know whether you ordering two piece chicken will make you less fat than three chicken meal combo. My point is, I want to share with you the people who make me me. The first person here is the one who has been molding me the longest after my parents, the BFF. She is my second most favorite lady person in the world, my enabler, my private Oprah.

I interviewed her (borrowing the idea from Erin) and here are her answers. I hope you like this new flavor like the seasonal seaweed fries in McDonalds.

1. Voila, you can replace me with a celebrity best friend, I know you don’t want to! but still.. who would you pick and what would you do with your new BFF that you have never done with me?

Easy! (No offense). I would choose Mindy Kaling and Tina Fey (actually I need two celebrity BFFs to replace one you) and we would make new a movie or TV series and play as the main characters in it. Secondly, we would go skinny dipping in a hot tub, no hanky panky even though I have a girl crush on both of them, however, if something did happen, I wouldn’t be close minded about it. If you know what I mean *wink*.

*What?! Wh.. err.. okay.. moving on..*

2. What are the characters you seek in a friendship? Do you have it yourself or you search for those traits because it will complete you?

To make the relationships more colorful, it’s a little bit of both I guess. Who I seek for is someone positive, funny, and hungry for something new, just like me. And I am always attracted to people who have a passion towards what they are doing for a living or for fun.

3. You have a vision board! What are the things you put on it and why?

  • Jogo’s (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) picture > I want to date someone as fun, artsy and cute as he is.
  • USD note > to save more money and develop good feelings about money.
  • Fitness quotes and healthy food picture > to boost me to regularly do yoga and dancing.
  • Katy Perry’s ICE watch > Cos I think it’s so cool. I bought it a couple months ago and it makes me feel awesome.
  • A tattoo > I wanna get one this year, so badly! Just not sure yet what it should be yet ;).

4. Do you have a signature style? Something that you want people to be reminded of you when they see it?

I used to, not sure whether I still have it now, but I like to think I still have it: canvas bag + friendship bracelet +flat shoes+ dresses+ cardigans.

5. Why are we friends?

Because a weirdo needs another weirdo to keep functioning as awesome weirdo duos.

Go Kart

6. I just found out I have a genie like power. I can grant you to accomplish one of the current goals, you are working on. What would it be?

Oh dear genie, please give me flat abs, toned arms and a cool job in a big IT company if all that is too much *it is! I said ONE goal*, just pay two years membership for Toast Master. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

7. Give me dating tips!

  • Wear something cute and comfy, don’t try to wear something that is not you.
  • Smell good is a must!
  • Take the lead in the conversation to see how comfortable is he or she (depends on your sexual preference) being with strong, powerful, energetic woman.
  • Flirt a bit (just a bit on a first date scenario), like when your date compliments you, say thank you with a cute shy expression,
  • And make any simple physical contact.
  • Don’t try to hard get all the facts immediately or judge or stereotype him/her, just chill and enjoy the person that is in front of you.
  • Always try to end it with a short walk to somewhere; *my favorite*
  • And thank him/her for the fun time you had.

For more life tips tweet to her @nilcha.

8. Quick, without overthinking it, tell me your most favorite book!

Monkey Business by Sarah Mlynowski.

9.  Kay was your best friend before me, tell us about him.

ahahahhaha FUGG! Kay is not for publicity! He was my enabler, whatever weird things I thought or did he would always encourage me. I can’t say more its too embarrassing, you tricked me Miss!! *keep reading if you want to know, someday, who is Kay*

10. Where will you be in 30 months from now?

I want to be in Sydney or somewhere in the US, but I guess I would still be in Singapore but i better be in the process moving to either country by that time. *and I will be waiting for you there with an opened beer bottle and extra mattrass*

Hey, I asked neat questions, eh? But really, how authentic are her answers! Okay stopping the obnoxious girlfriends sisterhood thingy now.

You guys we also hatched a new project together called the Glitter Geek Project. I am the Glitter; she is the Geek this time. We want to share snippets of our life discussions, kinda like a a Facebook page of our written conversation over the past decades, but we are doing it on Tumblr instead so maybe it’s a Snapchat. I am not sure, let me google what is a Snapchat first. If you want to find out more about Kay, check GGP out in December this year.

As always, thank you for reading. Have you interviewed your BFF before? It’s fun, you guys! Do it and share it with me. Also, if you ever had fun project with your best friend, we would love to read about it! Sending you all virtual friendship hugs. Btw, I already have a candidate for my next interview, a blogger I really, really want to be friends with. Who is she? Till next time.

Another post about friendship: Besties Birthday.

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