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Beware of Solo Female Travelers

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Beware of Sollo Female Travellers

Dear All,

Today’s post is brought to you by an Indonesian female travel blogger whose blog I discovered earlier this year. I have been devouring her post one by one and find myself coming back for more. Marina is half Chinese and half Sundanesse, 100% pledge in love being Indonesian. Beside spending her time wandering solo out of nowhere, she is still pursuing her passion in art and design. She is also chasing her dream to be a great graphic designer and a traveler at the same time.

Marina has been a solo backpacker for months in South East Asia, including in her beloved country Indonesia. She is slowly crossing her bucket list and preparing for the next adventure, while sharing her experiences in her blog, Jejak Marina. Marina’s goal is to inspire more Indonesian women to travel and see the world.

This is also one of my favorite posts by Marina. Happy reading and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Beware of Solo Female Travelers!

Get scared of them. Oh, yes. You are reading just right.


Because she learned to survive.

She has tasted the night under the stars and lived by the shine of the moon. Once or many times slept through on the boat in the midst of the ocean. She became comfortable sitting on the bus for hours, and she knows how to enjoy herself while waiting.

She has starved, she has lost, she has danced in the rain, yet she knew that worrying has been never a solution. She knows how to handle problems and she knows how to deal with it. 

She knows the skills to survive and she will never be afraid to confront on what she justifies.

Because she follows her instinct to trust strangers.

She has been scammed. She has been cheated on. She has been stabbed by the people she knew. She learned that she couldn’t trust people easily.

But she has been helped, many times, by strangers on the road. People that barely know her. She trusts herself even more to put her faith to unknown people. She knows she has to follow her woman’s instinct.

This is the part where she learned not to judge people by its look. She learned to never care about their nationalities, what the color of their skin, or what histories do they left behind.

She lives in the present and she loves the kindness towards her.

Her instinct of trust is more polished than any women you’ll ever meet.

Because she always surrounded with people.

She is never alone. She loves touching human souls and she loves to share her stories. She loves having inspiration from people. She learned how to be friendly and greet people. She understands that one smile can build a lifetime friendship.

Sometimes she feels alone in the crowd for one second, but then new people always come around and want to get to know her. She finds herself traveling together with different group once she landed in a new place. 

You would think twice to attack her, as she is always surrounded by the many people. She is protected in so many ways. 

Because she is a strong woman.

She learned how to defend herself.

She understands her limit as a woman, yet she is still pushing towards between the lines.

She knows how to protect herself. Yet she dare herself to take the chances. She has walked barefoot many times within miles. She has bathe in the waterfall and jump her way through the sea. She cycled and trekked through many places and she felt blessed in every step of the journey.

She challenges herself to try new things. She learned to make the impossible happen.

Because she appreciates the time, people and the journey.

She loves to breath in the new atmosphere along the road.  She learned how to be patience. She understands that one thing comes at a time. She began not to sweat the small things and just go with it. 

She loves laying her head on the window of the train and notice the change of view outside. She enjoys the time of waiting for the bus and started to make conversation with the people sit next to her. She loves watching the local families interacted with each other and she loves playing with their children.

She sees the beauty of simple things and appreciate the time has been given to her.

Because she knows herself.

She depends on herself. She made her own schedule for the trip. Sometimes she throws them out, but often times she sticks to her big plan. She knows what she likes. She knows her own interest. She did her research, she learned the history and culture, and she knew what to do and don’t.

She knows her deficiency, she knows what she lacks of, so she has prepared for the worst and still taking the risk. Because she doesn’t want to miss a thing.

She is full of confidence, she knows where she belongs and she doesn’t care what other people think.

She is making the time of her life. 

Jejak Marina Inle Myanmar

So you should beware of meeting a solo female traveler.

Because she might not need you. She loves her freedom and she doesn’t care whether you will come along with her or not.

She is a fighter. She knows respect, but she could never be ruled. She will speak her mind and do whatever she wants, whether you like it or not.

She is not easily impressed by the wealth and branded things. She hates spoiled men. She prefers experiences, travel stories and life meaning to share.

She is not afraid to talk with strangers, more or less she will bond and help them whenever she can. She is open minded to everything life has to offer.

She cherishes every friendship she made along the way. She believes everyone teaches her something in life. She loves to get inspirations from anyone anywhere.

She will grow her wings to fly by her own. Beware of solo female travelers.

Jejak Marina Solo Female Traveler Quote

Marina writes from her heart and it shines through her sentences. Now, go and say hi to her on her blog, Instagram and Twitter @JejakMarina whenever you have a chance. She would gladly like to help for any solo female travel matters!

Have you traveled solo before? Would you? I had once and planning to do another one again later this year. Also, I am looking for more articles, something different from what I usually write, to be “reblog” in ForeignGeek. Do let me know by email if you are interested. Thanks for reading you guys. I will back with more articles soon. Stay exciting!

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    i reckon i should do this more, great post! Miaw

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