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Sneak Peek Into My Best Friend’s Apartment

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Remember when I told you I am going to share my apartment pictures, then I moved and promised to share the new apartment pictures. Well, before that, how about a sneak peek into my best friend’s apartment?

This post is dedicated to Jik, my best friend in the whole wide world, who I am going to meet in less than 24 hours (wheee!!). She has been adulting in Sydney since last year, after we left Singapore together and I have been missing our girls time ever since. So now that we live relatively close by, we have been making serious efforts to hang out with each other more often. Case in point: she visited me with a welcome to Melbourne goodie bag and we had a sleep over party when I visited Sydney over the long weekend last month. It was when I took some pictures of her place.

She lives happily alone in an apartment that’s unlike Carrie Bradshaw’s, a chic city girl’s apartment, but heavily infused with my best friend’s personalities which made it more fabulous.

Sydney Apartment

 This is what you will see the first time you step into my best friend’s apartment, a couch facing the TV by the door which is where she works most of the time. At least that’s where she sat while typing furiously on her MacBook when I invaded her space during the long weekend.

Fridge Sydney

It’s fascinating that you can learn so much about one person from their fridge, both inside and out. Her fridge, the outside, was filled with inspirational quotes, love notes, happy pictures and magnets of places she has been to. It reminded of my parents’ fridge back home. Unfortunately, the current fridge in our new apartment is too small to fit my life story on it.

Tell me, what do you put on your fridge? Or better yet, why don’t you share a picture in the comment section or tweet it @ForeignGeek? I will make a blog post about it!

Sydney Apartment Kitchen

This was a section of her kitchen. Again, with plenty of sunlight! If I lived at my best friend’s apartment, this would probably my working area as most of the time I blog from the dining table (typing this while sitting on one).

And that’s her diary on the table. I think we are among the very few people our age who still write our thoughts on the paper. And that’s one of the things that bound us together, because we get it, we get each other.

The flowers were for welcoming me and we finished that bottle of wine before I left.

Black Star Pastry Strawberry watermelon cake

Speaking of welcoming gift, she got me a whole watermelon cake from the Black Star Pastry. This cake tasted like a drop of heaven mixed with double rainbows. I tried a spoon and had fallen head over heels with it ever since. You are the best, Jik! Thanks. And speaking of Black Star Pastry, I am so looking forward to have it over the weekend, I heard they have a new delicious item on the menu.

Sydney Apartment Wardrobe

Welcome to my best friend’s personality traits 101. Though I am not sure obsessing over pineapple is a personality trait. But homegirl loves her some pineapple, as much as I am crazy about black cats (remember when I kittify the entire blog post?).

Her apartment is filled with pineapples.

I should make a quiz to spot how many pineapples on this post and give a pineapple related gift for the winner, would you be interested?

Sydney Apartment Closet

^^ Another thing she is into. This time, it’s a pattern. Can you guess it? Yep, polka dots. It has been going strong for many years (you can’t see, but there were more in between the ones these clothes), so much so that every time I see a polka dot pattern I think of her. I have even started liking it, or maybe I like it because it reminds me of her.

Sydney Apartment Bedroom

Guess who’s sleeping inside the thick blanket when I snapped this picture?

Sydney Library

This a part of her mobile library. We both own and love Amy Peohler’s Yes Please and she was the one who introduced me to Chelsea Handler extremely hilarious writing. She is also one of the few people I know who love reading as much as I do. I remember giving her Chicken Soup For The Soul series for her 17th birthday.

Have you ever read the Chicken Soup For The Soul series? If you need a little pick me up, I highly recommend it. Read the one with the theme you can relate to. It’s truly heartwarming. Or better yet, if you are pretty open minded and in need of a good laugh, pick any of Chelsea Handler’s books.

Also, if you are on Goodreads, add me and I’ll add you back.

Sydney Apartment Mirror

Many years ago, she gave me my first Teru Teru Buzo. She said it was supposed to keep me happy. A couple years ago I returned the favor by gifting this green (her favorite color) Teru Teru Buzo to her.

Sydney Apartment Bathroom

And this is a window in her bathroom. It’s pretty huge and low placed window, it reminded me the Parisian window the Madame Chic’s apartment. Also, this is the was the last perfect picture of the yellow pineapple candle before I broke it minutes before I left her place. Oops!

Alright, you guys, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading. I am leaving for Vivid Sydney tomorrow. I have a full itinerary including a booze cruise, Bondi beach and the famous Sydney fish market (SFM). Meet you there?

Do you love your best friend’s apartment? Do you think it represent her? Have you ever stayed over at your best friend’s apartment?

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