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When in Beijing.. Stay in a Hutong.. 161 Hotel

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We are currently AirBnB hopping in Europe and I am so glad that it’s much better than the panic room sized Hong Kong Airbnb. It then reminded me of the hotel in Beijing. Random I know (!”). Then I got nostalgic and went through my Beijing pictures. Even thought I wrote about my solo journey before, about the failings and loneliness; I haven’t shared about the hotel yet, so here goes.

Source: http://lakwatseraonline.blogspot.com
Source: http://lakwatseraonline.blogspot.com

161 Hotel’s located in Li Shi Hutong. Hutong, you guys! You haven’t experienced Beijing fully before you stay in the hutongs. It was near to the shopping area, I got to know only on my last day in BeijingIn my defense, I think traveling in the winter one into an introvert. More so in my case.

It’s an old hotel (previously a hostel) with vintage-y decoration, but the room looked like it has been renovated recently. It’s a decent size, came with a flat screen TV and a clean bathroom. My only woe of the room was the coldness. They didn’t have central heating and the heater didn’t work properly. Brrrr..

161 Hotel

My favorite part of the hotel was the café on the second floor. I ate my breakfast here and spent hours at night here, reading with Miaw. On the weekend it was filled with a mix crowd of youngsters and foreigners.

161 Hotel Cafe

How cool’s the cafe decoration?! Colorful and fun inducing 🙂 and I got to meet Doraemon.

161 Hotel Cafe Beijing

Another issue I had was the TV channels. All of them were non English. The only thing I kept watching was the cartoons, but the story line seemed so bleh, I wasn’t sure it would funny even if it was translated. The lack of emotional connection with the TV made me feel even lonelier.

Chinese Cartoon

You can check on tours in Beijing, including the Great Wall and Tiammanen Square at the front desk. Overall, I was happy staying there as it’s in the city and definitely value for money. I would recommend it to any of my friends who are visiting Beijing. Thank you for reading.

Have you been to Beijing before? Where did you stay?

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  • That looks like such a cool place to stay!

    • Foreign Geek

      Yes, it was. I recommend it.

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  • Tihana Smiljanić

    You traveled solo in China? Wow! I was there with my bestie who is a Chinese language major and had been living there for a couple of months at the time, and I was so grateful for having her, because it seemed to me that I would have never managed with English only. (At least in Beijing, Shanghai was another story.)
    And my comment actually doesnt make sense if you do speak Chinese 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Well it was only to Beijing and yes it was hard to communicate but I couldn’t pass seeing the Great Wall of China, so I went there by myself. How about you, did you enjoy China?

      • Tihana Smiljanić

        I absolutely loved it. It was my first trip outside of Europe – well actually my only one so far, but I hope to change it sometime soon – and I enjoyed that everything was so different from what I’m used to. I guess it was then I realized how beautiful and amazing the world is.

  • Paul Ma

    check out their new website: http://www.161hotelbeijing.com

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