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My Purple Bedroom

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Saludos! I am in Spain you guys. It’s the last destination for this trip before routing back to Amsterdam and take the 15 hour flight back to Indonesia where I will back to routine. This time I really have to get a job. Gah! I so not looking forward to the long flight, job search, and normalcy. The only thing I am looking forward to is my purple room, my stuff, literally my comfort zone (Also, Asian food which is going to be the first thing I eat once I reach home). Hey, I haven’t shown you purple room yet ever since I moved back to Jakarta, have I?

Foreign Geek Desk

^^ My desk. Where I usually spent hours typing, reading, calculating and other non work related stuff. In the background is usually the only travel souvenir I allow myself to bring back all this year, fridge magnet.

Vision Board

^^ Updated vision board. There were a few changes compared to my old one. Previously Samantha Jones of Sex and The City appeared twice while this time Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec does. And I also put Oenika, one of my most favorite (travel) bloggers up there. She is an inspiration.


^^ This is my library. The only collection of books I keep outside of my Kindle. A few of them are more than half a decade old. Some of them were gifted by friends or in Bahasa. My current favorite is Where The Locals Go, I savor it by reading one article each day. I am currently half way through the book. Btw, for the record, A Spell A Day isn’t a gift. I bought it with full intention to use it.

Pink Bed

^^ And lastly, my super single bed. To be honest above picture was staged, my bed is usually messier than this, with books and remotes, but I hardly ever write anything on it.

What color is your bedroom? And what are some of your favorite things in your bedroom?

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  • I like how you arrange your books, rainbow organisation! Oh, I stage my bed and desk too. :p

    • Foreign Geek

      Thank you Liz and Hi5 on staging life blogger style 🙂

  • Rima Sagala

    my bedroom was a baby room from the previous owner, so the color is sky blue and baby yellow (imut, bo). But I kinda like it. Cozy, I say.

    • Foreign Geek

      Wew! I imagine that it oozes tranquility, nice… Foto Rim! Also, I am looking forward to see your new place in your new country *wink2*

  • Oh your bookshelf is color coordinated! Love it.

    • Foreign Geek

      Thank you Liz 🙂 I only have a few of actual books, the rest are in Kindle, so it’s easy to organize it. and oh Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Tihana Smiljanić

    I was amazed to see A Spell a Day, and then to read you bought it! 😀
    And oh, you have HONY. It’s been in my Amazon cart for ages, but doesn’t really go well with the nomad lifestyle.
    Oh, and that’s a lovely room you’ve got. 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Thank you Tihana <3 HONY was a gift from Hulk. I agree that it's hard to carry around if you move alot BUT it has been a rare treat for me. Some days I open random pages and read. It Always ALWAYS cheers me up.

  • Your book collection is amazing. I think we’d be book buddies for sure.
    Also, I love how colourful your room is!

    • Foreign Geek

      Aww I’d love to be book buddies with you! Thank you Charlotte. How about your room? What’s the main color?

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