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A non Beauty Editor Beauty Review of The Beauty Box

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Hiya Fabulous,

I got a package some days ago, left in front my door, looking all pretty. I have been waiting for it. YAY!!

You see, a month ago I decided what I am getting myself for my birthday. I want something I can savor for a long time or many times. I almost got a PJ set, it would be useful for many occasions; to chill at home most of the time, for a pajama party, to wear in our staycation, even while overtiming at work on the weekend. I then stumbled upon, Always With Grace blog. Grace writes about makeup and skin care obsession. Her latest post was about a beauty box review.

Getting pretty things every month? Well, yes, sign me in! I googled, found Bellabox, did the survey and paid $19.95 for it. All was done in less than 15 minutes while lunching with colleagues. I couldn’t wait for it. I have been checking my mailbox every now and then, until I got it!

Beauty Box - Pink Me Up
My First Beauty Box – Pink Me Up

Before I start I need to tell you that I am not a beauty editor or a skin artist or whatever the pretty people do in the beauty magazine. The closest I have come with beauty product is by hosting a virtual face mask party weekly, inclusion of mask covered face snapshot exchange, with my besties.

1. Indio Cosmeceutical Renew Cream – $119.50/tube

Nah, nothing special. Only an average joe of cream, and for $120? NO-freaking-WAY !

2. La Clinica Gly C Refine Micro Dermabrasion Facial Exfoliating Scrub – $59/tube

The first item I tried from the box. Love me some exfoliating scrub and this one has very fine beads that exfoliates very well. I still feel the difference after a few hours. I am happy to recommend this to fellow Exfoliators out there.

3. Modelco Cheek & Lip Tint – $28/tube

Funny thing, it was the one product I was least excited about when I opened the box. I didn’t like my lip tint from Benefit before, and I was sure this would be the same. It was just laying there for days before I needed something small to carry for touch up while bar hopping on a Saturday night. I squeezed it in my small wallet-purse (haven’t they come with a cool name combination for this yet? and don’t tell it that it’s called clutch! I am not talking about a clutch) and tried it for the first time in Clarke Quay ladies’ room. OMIGOD it was a small shiny tube of miracle! the red liquid was light on my face and lasted the whole night and morning (I passed out. With my make up on. Someone call the beauty police!).

I am so in love with it (look, I gave it the biggest heart in the picture below). I leave my lipstick and blush-on at home and start carrying it instead.

4. WOTNOT Facial Wipes – $9.25/pack

I could have used this to wipe my face before passing out (read above paragraph). I tried it once, It cleaned my face; make-up and dirts really well. It is also moist, which is good for some skins but not on mine. I like the clean squeaky feeling I get after washing my face. I will use the wipes until it finishes but I won’t buy it again.

5. Recoliv Beauty Collagen – $75/Box of 30

I always disinclined to eat/drink anything to make me prettier. It feels unnatural (yes I see the irony), but I want to give this collagen drink a try, even more when they say that it has a pleasant taste. I like pleasantness.

I brought it to work and set an alarm. At 3 PM, instead of my second cup of coffee, I tore open the sachet and poured the grey colored powder into my cup. After adding water, it turned to purple color. “Here goes nothing”, I thought before downing it. I stopped after a few gulps. It tasted like ash. 90% ash 10% grapes. Nope, drinking collagen is not my way to prettiness.

Beauty Products

6. DR Morita EGF Platinum Mask – $15.90/Box of 10

I tried this after painting the town red (is this term still hip?) on the night before. I was still so tired the next day even after sleeping until eleven in the morning, so after lunch, I put it on and took a power nap. It was good, but again, was just an average face mask. I expected better though, especially because it has the word platinum on it also because I tried and liked the eye mask of the same bran better (check out No. 8).

7. Wish Formula JJOYY Bubble Peeling Pad – $6.50/pack

Joy AND Bubble! It could be a nice blog name, you guys. I just tried it like a minute ago, just so I could write about it as well. The best thing to describe about it is: An Inconvenience. I used it lastly for a reason. I couldn’t figure it out what was it from the description neither from feeling it from outside the pack. It was a face sponge soaked in some soap. I was to rub it on my face until it became soapy. I did and the result was quite good, but still the inconveniences I have to go through is not worth it. Maybe if it was in a beauty salon and someone else doing it to my face.

8. DR Morita Eye Mask

Usually the eye masks I tried come with funny sizes and textures, which makes it hard for me to do other things, like writing a blog post or stalking my frenemies on Facebook. This eye mask was different. It was another version of face mask, same tissue paper looking mask, but it just covered eye area. I like it. As for the result, maybe I need to try a few more to find out.

Bella Box

That’s all ladies and metro-gents. My first beauty box and my first beauty review. I had fun sharing it with you. If I managed to make you be curious enough and try some of these products, do let me know how do you like it. I will be happy to hear it from you, and maybe, if I see someone whipped out a Modelco Cheek & Lip Tint in a ladies room downtown, I can take a small pride of spreading the shiny pretty news.

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