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Story of A Bar

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Meet my besties today. The plan is to discuss the Japan trip, who wants to do what there. I choose Tsukiji fish market as a must, managed to convinced them it is worth to wake up and visit at 6 AM. Yin wants to meet Geisha. Fia to Disneyland and Vi, of course, shopping at Ginza. This time, after dinner, we hang out at Haji lane for weekday one-two at  Bar Stories, a recommendation by a friend.

It is worth of a paragraph explanation. It’s on the second floor of a shop house at 55 Haji Lane 189248. Bar Stories is a vintage furniture shop by day and tiny cozy a bar by night where cool looking people hang-out, sipping colorful drinks, with a happy buzz. The best part of this bar is the customized cocktails. A bartender (mixologist is the fancier correct term) will ask your flavor preference (sweet, spicy, fruity, salty or savory to begin with…) what would you like to have and he will create it for you and I must say though the drink is pricey, around S$25 a glass, it was absolute delish. We had grape, milk, strawberry shortcake and real cut mango based drinks. Unfortunately the place we sat was too dark to take we were here pics. Another small detail worth to check out is their outdoorsy indoor bathroom, it’s pretty neat. I like this place, definitely will visit here again to try their spicy or savory based cocktails.

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  • I love places like this. They make your experience unique!

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