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What Type of Coffee Shop Goers Are You? (Bali Coffee Shop Edition)

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I have a one-question quiz for you (created by me because I am awesome). Treat this post like a glossy page of a teen magazine that we love so much. What we don’t anymore? But I still do, so answer this one time, please.

The main reason you go to a coffee shop is:

a. For the coffee, duh!
b. People stalking watching
c. #Lifestyle baibeh
d. Other stuff yo! 
e. I don’t really go to the coffee shop..

When I told Hulk that I want to visit a coffee shop in Bali, he thought we would be going to a Starbucks there, as we do it here. What? Why? Arghhh.. After explaining that I want to try local coffee and promised him a cup here and there, he agreed to follow me around. Good, as it is a boyfriend job. We ended up exploring a few coffee shops, each I enjoyed for different things, hence the above quiz, so when you visit Bali you can go to the one you’d enjoy the most. Or you can try all. I recommend ALL.

a. Is for the Anomali Coffee

Anomali Single Origin

Anomali Coffee holds the cup of the best coffee I have tried in Bali. They boasted their single origin and local coffee. We skipped our usual lattes and went for Papua (me) and Bali coffee (Hulk). I liked mine a lot; it’s black, which was something I am not used to, but it was easy to drink. Hulk also loved his coffee, so much so that we came back the next day so he could try a thicker one from Aceh. This time I followed him because that’s a girlfriend job.

The place looks like a war warehouse, it’s huge for a coffee shop and they sell coffee beans, pastries and fancy coffee equipments. Anomali also offers barista classes for USD250, maybe something you might be interested in. If you are a coffee snob, like my boyfriend, tell the taxi driver to take you to Anomali stat, it’s located at Kayu Aya No. 7b Seminyak.

Anomali Coffee

b. People watching, at some degree, is like reading other peoples’ blogs and Revolver Espresso is the best coffee shop to accommodate this slightly disturbing hobby of ours.

Revolver Espresso

I go to coffee shops to observe other people; what are they reading, what are they thinking, how are they feeling. I got to do all and then some here. Revolver Espresso’s my personal favorite in Bali. It’s located in a small lane called Gang 51, near the main road, Oberoi, Seminyak. It’s a little smaller than a 4 star hotel bedroom, but it’s super cozy and buzzing with coffecitivity (trying a new word here). We saw many types of people here, mostly were foreigners. This time, I went for the Affogato n Hulk had a Piccolo, both were nice, it’s just not something that would make me miss at 2 AM (that one is reserved for Starbucks’s Toffee Nut latte). The only downside of this coffee shop is that it closes at 5 PM. So If I want to spend a couple of good hours there I need to cut down my napping time, which I don’t like to do because happy vacation = napping time.

Revolver Espresso

c. For the one who visit the coffee shop to be seen rather than to see, the #lifestyle baibeh tribe would enjoy biku bali the most.

biku bali

Located at Jalan Raya Petitenget No. 888, Seminyak. It is more like a restaurant than a coffee shop and to be honest I had a hot ginger tea there while Hulk had a latte, but they are famous for their high tea (you just need to make it a high coffee). The interior has colonial design. There were China, Ceramic dolls, glass drawers. Since I like vintage I couldn’t keep my eyes focused, everything is so attractive; this place has so many things to see, touch and eat ( there’s a big table in the middle with pastries on it). They also offer tarot reading guys! For USD10 at 1PM-5PM, if you are interested, do the book online first. Another thing I like about biku bali is the little bookshop in the corner of the restaurant. I bought a secondhand book and a naked Balinese girl postcard from there.

biku bali bookstore

d. The last coffee shop is for the ones who go to a coffee shop, not for the coffee, the Hobos Hipsters. You ought to visit Drifter Surf.

Drifter Surf

It’s a super chilled coffee joint cum surfer shop cum fashion boutique cum controversial bookstore. An absolute all in all. There is no need of ordering coffee as they have the much raved Indonesian ciders called Albens and Konscious Kombhuca (my deep respect for the person who named the second cider). Envision yourself opening the bottle and checking out the tide chart for your next surfing schedule. Same as the other coffee shops mentioned before, Drifter Surf is located at Seminyak, Jalan Oberoi No.50.

Drifter Surf Shop Cafe

And for the ones who choose e. I don’t really like the coffee shop.. Well, thank you for reading my Bali coffee shop edition you guys.

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Travel Tuesday

 — This post is a part of my Travel Tuesday link up with A Compass Ross.

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  • Umm a, b and c… and also because I feel cool with my laptop and coffee and think it’s going to magically turn me into the next JK Rowling. Bali looks awesome and I’m judging this by coffeeshops alone – but I always think that’s a pretty good sign.

    • Foreign Geek

      “… it’s going to magically turn me into the next JK Rowling” –> hahahaha.. Anna you are funny. I like funny. Bali IS awesome, you must visit someday 🙂

  • I’ll take coffee shop b). Love me some people watching (linking in from #traveltuesdays)

    • Foreign Geek

      Yay, someone look likes to people watch as well !! It’s the best thing about coffee shop no? Well that and the coffee but more of that 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  • Rima Sagala

    hot damn. that’s my dream. to own a coffee shop. whole in the wall, local/imported coffees, and of course, pastries made by me. ah maaaau…

    • Foreign Geek

      Rima omzzz.. I wish for the same thing too. I want to own a coffee shop cum library cum bookstore. I dream of opening one in Jakarta — dekat universitas2 gitu, biar anak2 gaulnya disitu *mimpi yg dalam*

  • Woahhh the Drifter coffee shop looks awesome!

    • Foreign Geek

      Ahhh so you like beach theme?

  • Anomali looks amazing… ok, they ALL look amazing! thanks for sharing, I’m definitely adding “drink a lot of coffee” to my Bali to-do list 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Hahahaha.. Jamie I am excited for you! You must try http://senimancoffee.com/ as they claimed to be the best coffee shop/coffee in Bali. Maybe this time you can give me the review 🙂

  • Wow, all of those coffee shops look awesome. I think I am pretty much all except E 🙂 And the one that had a stationary section in it, I mean come on! 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      B, I am inviting you to Bali !! Please come one day. I promise you tons of fun and lots of local made stationaries hunting 😉

  • mariahelena

    I’m all except e. Anomali and Revolver both look like great places.

    • Foreign Geek

      Hello hello 🙂 Oh Revolver is the BEST. Have you been to Bali before? Maybe you can visit both next time.

  • Natasha

    These all look great. I go for the coffee and to relax.

    • Foreign Geek

      Hello there, thank you for stopping by 🙂 I don’t go to coffee shops to relax. Most of the time to write/chat/catch up with my reading/study. I would like to try it tho, to go to coffee shop alone without any gadgets, but not sure how long can I “survive”.

      • I’m always with someone at coffee shops, so I can’t use my gadgets 🙂

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