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Bag Lady, Early Years

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I love accessories. Clothes? I don’t care much for. Accessories? I am crazy about it. Men’s and women’s. Tie, shoes, cufflinks, scarf.. All I adore, but if I must choose only one type and live with it for the rest of my life, I would choose  handbags. They are nicknamed as arm candies for great reasons. They come in infinity choices. They speak volume of the carrier. They inject confidence from your hand to your heart. And the It Bag? They are a source of materialistic happiness. So today, let me share with you a glimpse of my borderline obsession with it.
The crush for Kate Spade started when I saw their book like clutch carrying classic titles like Emma, Romeo & Juliet, Great Expectations, etc. After few months of thinking, budgeting and visualizing,  I bought my first Kate Spade. The Great Gatsby. It’s yellow. It’s shiny and it has a pearl necklace printed on it. Me and my dad loved it. We sat and admired it together for a good number of times.
Last week I tried to talk myself into getting another Kate Spade, a non-basic-non-investment-but-oh-so-colorful handbag, but I failed. Well done grown-up brain! That bag still is a dream (with Black Friday just around the corner, hopefully a short dream away).
I checked with Vi (my online shopping guru), where could I score one for a cheaper price. Here, they marked up the price almost twice as much and I am not even happy to pay the original price. She recommended a few sites like beyondtherackblueflyruelalashopbob, etc. But still I couldn’t find the exact bag. I googled, went on eBay and stumbled upon a Kate Spade lover blog. I read it, checked out her stuff and ended up envying her. Especially for her All Typed Up Clyed bag.
Okay, while typing this Vi just messaged me, GILT (iPhone app version) is going to have a sale for Kate Spade bags tomorrow at 1AM local time. If my card has balance, the above bag is only a few hours away from being mined and that too for a bargain. I look forward to getting it delivered to my doorstep.
Thanks for reading, hope the shopping links satisfy your need for the best type of retail therapy, the type you can do in your PJs. At 2 AM. As for me, I have decided a long time ago, a future of being the old lady with too many bags doesn’t seem bad at all.
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