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Crashing At Stranger’s House, Legally (Australia AirBnB Edition)

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Disclosure: People, I am into my third glass of wine. Okay now the post..

If you follow me on twitter, God bless your soul, you might notice that I annoyingly can’t stop yapping about my Australia trip. Yes people, I am flying down south this month, and I am uber excited about it.

I was assigned the part of finding a hotel to stay in, and it was just in line with my last week’s Weekly Wishes. Nice. It will be four girls, four luggage and four nights each in Sydney and Melbourne. We wanted somewhere near the city, with big windows and decent price place ratio.

Hotels. There are lots of things I love about it; Interesting people in the lobby, the concierge (who acts like a local Google for me lazy people), and a huge spread of breakfast without lifting a finger to make or clean it. And the room? White linen sheet, big soft bed, huge windows and it miraculously restocked, cleaned and tidied when we come back to it. An armchair and TV with infinity number of channels; the nomad in me wants to live the rest of my life in hotels, like Nicolas Berggruen or Chuck Bass. Hotel is my dream house concept.

As much as I love hotels, I am yet to like a chain hotel. Chain hotels at best are convenient and professional, but I like my hotels with history, stories and local touch.

This has always been an issue whenever I book hotels for group vacations. Some friends like it reliable, I like it personal; like staying at the local and sharing living space with them, you know, people watching at its’ borderline. Here comes AirBnB.

So i filtered.



Bondi Junction Garden Studio House from $120

I know the name is confusing but OMiGod, gorgeous house! The owner looks friendly, and it is close to Bondi beach*. Also, big glass door+window.

AirBnb Bondi Sydney

I want to live here for a loooong time.

*People, I have never seen Bondi beach’s picture clearly in my entire life, I have been reading about it (minus pictures), but I am going to keep the excitement until I actually see it.

AirBnB Sydney Bondi Sofabed

The only thing is, it takes 20 mins commute to reach the city and 20 mins commute in 12 degree Celsius for us, who flew from tropical countries, might be too much, so I came with an alternative.

The Future From $70 per night

Those are REAL fishes swimming inside TV tank !!
Those are REAL fishes swimming inside TV tank !!

It is a short walking distance to the harbour bridge, and it has a sunroom bedroom. Sunroom = sleeping under the star. Gyaah.. so fancy ! AND they have a cat as the concierge.

AirBnb Sunroom Sydney



150yo Boho House from $130

AirBnB Boho House Melbourne

I am interested in this house mostly because of the owner, she looks like, ummm.. me. It feels like looking at my future self. She lives alone, has a cat and stylish, and she is willing to cook us breakfast.

AirBnB Boho House 2

And the house, it has a balcony! I am a sucker for tiny squares balconies; It is near the city and two blocks away from Queen Victoria market. In short It is purrrfect !

The only issue I can think of is a friend who is traveling together hates cat. Wait, let’s not call PETA just yet, she is just more of a dog person. (Much more, to the extent of celebrating the birthday of the said dog).

So I gave them a second choice, a Victorian Guesthouse, starting from $118.

AirBnB Guesthouse Melbourne

The description reminds me of Ryokan Mikawaya, the one we stayed in Tokyo. Coincidentally, the lady who runs the guesthouse is an Asian. It will be my first guesthouse experience. I am looking forward to meeting and hanging out with cool people in the common room. Maybe I can interview some for my blog? that would be awesome.

AirBnB Guesthouse Melbourne 2

The downside: there is also a chance of meeting annoying people in the common room.

We would be paying less than $150 for four of us per day. Is it expensive? Is it cheap? Is it safe? Is it fun? I don’t know. This is going to be my first AirBnB.

it’s time for me to sign off. The fourth glass of wine is making this post dance in front of my eyes.

Before I go, have you stayed at an AirBnb before? Or AirBnB-ed your place (Hi, Didi!), Did you survive? And do you like it?

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