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Hello & Goodbye August: Changed My Number

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Well, it’s that time of the month. The time for me to give you updates about the past 31 days. Usually, I give this kind update while I am alone at the airport. Unfortunately, or is it fortunately (?), lately I don’t fly solo. So here you go, life updates, even though I just posted about Blogiversary like yesterday, because I know you miss me. Right? …

I have been MIA for almost a month because work has been hectic and on top of that I had to take the IELTS exam. Now, my friends who are native English speaker; IELTS is an international test a non native speaker has to take to prove the official boards that they are capable to understand English, by answering 80 questions in 100 minutes, writing two essays in 60 minutes and talk about a random topic chosen by the examiner for 3 minutes, without doing err.. nor umm.. Because it will decrease your score.

For someone who can’t express herself verbally in her mother tounge, who prefers to keep it under two syllabus conversations in most of the social situations, I felt like taking two shots of tequila to calm down before doing the interview but I was afraid I would throw up and got disqualified. For what it’s worth, I think I did well, without any alcohol involved.

Another reason for my MIA-ness was Bromo. Yep, that Bromo. Unfortunately, the sunrise wasn’t as magical as the ones posted by my friends on Facebook. Also, I was covered by ashes from dry horse shit for almost a day. So no, I don’t feel like talking about Bromo just yet, but I will write a post about it someday*. *If you search this blog for the phrase “I will write” you would have a year’s worth of content ideas.


^^ This horse might or might not have contributed to the horse shit mentioned earlier.

After consulting a fortune teller, I changed my hand phone number to attract increasing the chi energy to bring more luck into my life. Well, that’s a lie. I just changed it for personal reasons. Though, I am not above changing my number if it’s going to make my life more auspicious. I even put Melbourne as my password to attract moving there.

To think about it, I do feel luckier eversince I changed my number. Today, I got free donut. Why do I share this with you? Changing the number was a life event for me because I moved to another provider after using the same one from high school time. The one I had been loyal too had been shitty. Have you ever changed your mobile provider? 

I purged my bloglovin’ list by unfollowing some as they all read the same to me. With the little free time I have, I just can’t. Mama needs to simplify kids! Speaking of simplifying; I.. wait for it.. Deleted my Facebook account. Not my personal one, I still have a need it to post my-life-is-better-than-all 367 friends of mine-for-1.22-minutes-when-I-was-on-top-of-Mount-Bromo type of pictures every now and then. I deleted Foreign Geek page mainly because I didn’t feel like I am connecting with you on a personal level there. Most of the time I was just being the jerk who posted links to my latest blog posts and that’s that. Foreign Geek might or might not join the blue thumbs up society again, but I kinda hope to stay away from it until it becomes obsolete. If you followed Foreign Geek Facebook page before (I love you extra much for that) I am really sorry for that. Let’s connect on Twitter and Instagram. Also, what’s this Periscope, kids these days talk about?

 The point of this purging, simplifying and deleting is to connect with you and share a glimpse of my cray cray instead of just being another travel blogger. Whelp, now I feel like I was repeating last week’s conversation. Better leave this post before I start beating a dead horse around here. Pardon me if this idiom incorrect, as mentioned before, non native speaker over here.

Thanks for reading. You are awesome. Let’s be friends, if you have a bloglovin’ account, send me your link. I would love to add it to my reading list. Happy September!

In August I wrote about: Queing at the 5 AM Sushi // Meeting and falling in love with Marimo, the green blob // Foreign Geek 3rd Blogiversary. Last August I wrote about: Hong Kong itinerary // Going to cat cafe for the first time.

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