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Karma Link: August Edition

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Botanical Garden

It has been a month since the last karma link. Now that I am not working, no longer looking at the time to change to 5.58 PM, my days fly faster than ever, so is the numbers in my saving account. Eeep!

Btw, I have big news to share; I am leaving Singapore next week and moving, temporarily, back to Indonesia. I have some loose ends, which I left hanging for years, to tie before continue living as a nomad. The decision didn’t come easily and to be honest, I am not looking forward to it, except the part of spending quality time with my parents and appreciate them more since I am coming back with a wee bit more wisdom in my bone (I hope). Also, I am so going to miss my best friends, the food and the MRT here. But, I am not going to dwell on the sappy stuff now as I determined to savor my last week here. And while I do just that, enjoy these bits from the world wide web:

  • Coffee and eleven hours of kindness gives you warm fuzzy feelings. Let’s do something similar you guys!
  • When you visit Thailand, these street dishes are the must try. Ps. Somtum is my fave!
  • Hello Kitty is NOT a cat! I KNEW IT!! I have been telling Vi there something is wrong about it, something evil, like the fact it doesn’t have a mouth.
  • Seth Miller likes to fly, so he bought himself a round trip flight ticket on his birthday just to fly for a few hours.
  • It’s no secret that I love train rides! And I enjoyed living vicariously through Kate when she took a midnight train to Georgia.
  • Have you read Looking for Alaska by John Green? It’s an easy read and I LOVED it.
  • A B&W sneak peak of a classy hen party. Yes, please.
  • Monday blues? Chase it away with these easy to apply tips.

This month I:

Yes, it has been a fantastic month.

Next Month I:

See you next month you guys. Thanks for subscribing.

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  • Can’t believe it’s always the week before you pack up. I’ll be sure to look forward to the adventures ahead of you! Have fun with Blogwarts! Don’t turn me into a frog though. >_<

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