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Simple Magic Spell To Attract Happiness To Our Home

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You guys, I am home! Yeah, yeah.. I know you know because I can’t stop happy-tweeting about it. But yeah, home! I will be here for another night before flying to Singapore for my second leg of the vacation.

Back to my home, well my parents’ home. These past few days have been amazing. It was filled with love, laughter and joy; friends, family and delicious food. The other day, I stopped for a brief moment and wished that I could put this happy vibe into a jar and make it everlasting forever and ever.

Magic spell

The wish It inspired me to cast a magic spell to attract happiness and keep it with us, so I took out the tools I got from Spellbox, the store at Melbourne arcade, and did a magic ritual (my first intentional one after a very long hiatus) to attract happiness. It felt a bit Hogwarts-ish, which was AWESOME!

Witch Magic Spell

If you are interested, I will share this simple magic spell to attract happiness. Because, who wouldn’t want more happiness in their lives.

Items you need to perform the spell to attract happiness into our lives and homes:

  • Amethyst crystal. Interchangeable with others good vibes attracting crystals.
  • A small bowl.
  • Three leaves.
  • Paper and pen.
  • A pouch.
  • And a string.

Happiness Magic Spell

Step-by-step simple and easy magic spell to attract happiness into our lives and homes (source: Spellbox):

  • Hold the crystal close to your heart and imagine a beautiful pink light connecting your heart to the crystal.
  • Leave the crystal in the bowl of water under the moon for three nights.
  • Add a leaf into the bowl each night for three nights.
  • After the third night pour the water from the bowl onto the earth.
  • Place the 3 leaves under your pillow for three nights (I am on my second night today).
  • Create a Pentagram spell using the pen and paper.
  • Write your name on the other side of Pentagram paper.
  • Keep the paper inside the pouch.
  • Tie the string on the crystal and viola.. Your first homemade jewelry.

And your first magic spell to attract happiness.

Try the easy spell you guys, even if you don’t believe much in magic, because it’s fun, also magic is magic, whether you believe it or not.

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