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Angkor Wat

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We woke up at 4 AM to get ready to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat. I don’t remember ever doing a sunrise tour before, but ever since I read Adventures of 2 Girls and their story about chasing the sunrise at the highest volcano in Maui, I decided that I, too, shall do it one day.


Today was my one day. I copied the Tomb Raider and wore a black tank top and shorts and carried a backpack. I was so ready! We walked pass the pitch black neighborhood and reached the main road where the tour guide waited for us. But before I had the chance to let out a long sigh for surviving walking pass many stray dogs on the way, he told us politely that I should change because they might not allow me to enter the premises while channeling Angelina Jolie. Why do I keep repeating the same mistake again?

Fast forward – walked back – change to a full length jeans (I didn’t bring any decent pants. I was traveling light and it was Cambodia during summer) – walked pass the dogs while silently praying – got in the car – Pheew!

Not far from the city, we reached Angkor Wat when the sun started to peek. The outer garden looked so serene, even thought it was swarmed with us tourists. There were tour guides who offered their services or guide books. We said no. (I am not a morning person, my default mode on anything offered to me before 9 AM and a cuppa is “no, thanks”, but I suggest to take it. It’s a huge temple and it would be nice to have someone to guide you around it).

This was the first time I tried the new camera I got the day before. It’s not a DSLR (I have long decided I am not a DSLR type of gal), but it’s not a pocket cam as well. It was something in between. A hybrid. Which I named after George Costanza.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

George Costanza took quite good pictures eh? Who knew he had A skill after all.

While walking around the temple ground, I couldn’t help but wonder, How would it have looked like during the golden time? Must be magnificent.

You know, I have a practice of putting the picture of the place I want to visit as my office desktop screen and change it once I have visited the place. I started doing it when I started my current job four years ago. It was only in last year I realized that I have been going to the places I displayed on it. I believe in the law of attraction so I was more thrilled than surprise. Still, what surprised me though was when I looked back, I remembered seeing the exact images on my desktop in real life. When I put Angkor Wat in my 2014 travel list, just to make it interesting, I chose a not so obvious part of the temple, something I could easily miss out, challenging the Universe to bring me there. And it delivered. I saw and photographed the particular part. Nicely done Universe!

We were exhausted when we stopped by a small café just opposite of the temple. They sold decent breakfast spreads and ice creams. None would refuse ice cream at 9 AM when they are drenched with sweat, wouldn’t they?

Have you ever woken up early to see the sunrise from an interesting spot? While traveling? Would you?

Angkor Wat Carving

Travel Tuesday link up with Bonnie, Kaelene, Sammy and Van.

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  • I love the idea of challenging the universe! I’m not a big morning person, definitely have seem more sunsets then sunrises, but I think I could make an exception for Angkor Wat. 😉

  • I managed to wake up early and see the sunrise at Angkor Wat too – and was super amused by the crowds by that lake/pond who are trying to get the iconic shot. And using flash in broad daylight. Ok, I was one of them. But some people seemed to stay there for ages. I’ve also seen photos from other people who opted to go to the. less famous ones, like Ta Prohm, that early to escape the crowds and they had awesome photos

  • Now you are feeding me with ideas. (Y)

  • So beautiful. I love waking up and seeing the sunrise when I am travelling. I try and do it at least one morning while I am there!

  • Beautiful pictures!! I would love to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat!

  • The pictures are amazing! Haven’t voluntarily woken up early to see the sunrise unless mandatory (aka work) but would love to do it at least once when i’m traveling …

  • I have read a few blog posts lately about people doing sunrise tours. To be honest, I have never thought of this while traveling (I love my sleep too much), but I think I need to do it at least once. Actually, I am going to Morocco in August and plan to get up to see the sunrise in the Sahara!

  • I’m definitely not much of a morning person, but think I would make an exception for somewhere as beautiful as Angkor Wat!

  • Sunrises at ancient ruins are the BEST!

  • Jessi

    Great photos. I really like your computer desktop idea – I think I might give that one a go!

  • That’s gorgeous! George Costanza takes great pictures! I’ve just recently seen this on a list of things we should see in our lifetime and it’s great to read a post about it 🙂 And what a lovely thing to see the sunrise from interesting places like these! I’ll definitely add this to my list of things to do!!

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