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Airplane Dining

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If you have taken a flight with me, you would know I have a tremendous fear of flying or to be exact fear of dying while flying. Every time the plane takes off my cool airport chick persona jump out of the plane and leave me with my inner voice screaming to me things like: “Yep, you are going to die today, I hope wherever you’re going is worth the risk!” or “You should have given your laptop password to Hulk, no-one knew about your digital will”. At times it would just calmly whisper “You.die.today”.

I hate taking a flight! I hate being crammed like sardines with strangers and lifted 40,000 feet up in the air. How the hell that huge metal thing flies anyway? I usually try to trick myself to not keep thinking that someone I never meet before is in charge of my family’s bloodline, for the next hours, so I watch the flight entertainment (if it’s not a budget flight I am taking, which is very rare) or I read my kindle and I eat.

Airplane meal is the only good thing about being up in the air. Being served at predetermined times and being woken up for it. Being offered choices and being surprised when I opened my meal of choice, which I groggily choose while still half awake. Those are the things I can tolerate while being squeezed in between strangers. Over the years, I made a record of my what at that time felt like the last meal (no exaggeration). I must tell you this idea is not a FG’s original, I got it from Veve of V in V_Hongkong. Another thing I must tell you is I am not sure why am I sharing it with you.

1. Kuala Lumpur – Sydney, 2013 – Malaysian Airlines

Malaysian Airlines Meal

What I can tolerate the most about long flights are the meals comes more than once and it comes with many sides. I was woken up by the smell of this meal at who-cares-what-time-is. She gave me the choice, instinctively I said the prawn. My meal had prawn curry, egg and rice, and croissant, fruits, and jams. I was served with OJ, tea and CHOCOLATE. I loved it when airline people improvise. Chocolate bar made this the best in-flight meal ever!! I was overjoyed and so did my friends. I took their happy sleepy face picture, but they would kill me I posted here.

2. Singapore to Jakarta, 2013 – Air Asia

AirAsia Meal

It was a short plane ride as I was going home for the weekend, but I went after work, it would be my dinner time while being up in the air, so I pre-booked the meal. The meal has no frills, obviously as it was budget airline, but at least it was served hot and with such hospitality. It was Nasi Kuning Manado, a famous East Indonesian dish. It has yellow rice, chicken, shallots, red chili and my favorite, skipjack Tuna. It tasted SO YUMM! A few dollars well spent. I have been pre-booking my Air Asia meals every many times, but till date, this was the best I have eaten.

3. Jeju to Shanghai, 2014 – Jeju Air

Jeju Air Meal

We booked a flight to Shanghai on the very last minute and since it was only around hundred bucks we assumed Jeju Air was a budget airline, so we didn’t expect to be served water, let alone a box of CNY snacks. It was a nice surprise. I was hungry. I polished off every item in the box. Kinda wish they would leave a surprise inside the red packet,but it was empty.

4. Hong Kong to Singapore, 2014 – Cathay Pacific

Korean Air

I was flying back with Yin, I remember we both dreading to go back to reality after two weeks of fun. Seeing the last picture, I realized, I like to eat curry while flying. Above is chicken curry. “A little spicy” the stewardess warned us. I started with the main meal, ate the Hageen-Dazs (I LOVE IT WHEN THEY SERVED ICE CREAM ON THE PLANE), moved to the bread and fruits and finally the apple juice. Let me share a secret, In-flight apple juice is the best!

I wish I had taken the meal we had on a Delta flight to Japan. I remember loving it so much, but I can’t remember what exactly did we eat. Vi, Yin, do you remember? Have you ever put thoughts on your in flight meals? Would you ever record it? Strangers, who sat beside me always gave me the look whenever I snapped a picture of the food on my phone but hey, I don’t care. My life, my seat, my curry!

Four Things Friday

That’s all for my Four Things Friday. Did this make you hungry? Well, I am! I am going to find a Bento place, sit in the small corner and pretend I am eating on the plane to relive the moment. Only this time my feet will be touching the ground.

I am linking up with Nicole from Treasure Tromp.

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  • Alisia

    Oh my, those meals look good. In the states we get a CUP of something to drink. Yes there are meals for purchase but I’ve never ventured out to purchase one, plus they are always so over priced.

    • Foreign Geek

      Hi Alisia a cup of something to drink well sounds terrible. In that case, I consider myself lucky, the budget airlines here are charging quite affordable price for the pre-booked meals. Thank you for stopping by!

  • We don’t get much food! just a sandwich or something( don’t know for the long flights) my longest was 3 hour!

    • Foreign Geek

      Hi Melissa, thank you for stopping by!! A sandwich is better than nothing 😉 More long flights in the future

  • I feel exactly the same about flying! I do love the plane food though. Being served food in your seat, can’t beat it

    • Foreign Geek

      A traveller who shares my fear of flying! Finally 🙂

  • Rima Sagala

    plane food is what i look forward to when i’m in the air. so far i was impressed with Swiss Air (baguette sandwich for a 2 hr flight!!!) and I clicked for fun Kosher Food on Lufthansa. IMPRESSEDDDD… free wine every 2 hours. hahahaha… meanwhile any US airlines sucks. You have to freakin pay for food and they usually only give you peanuts or pretzels. lame.

  • Yiwen

    I dont’ remember what we ate on Delta… i usually don’t really care about the food on flight. I always feel stomach bloating when flying :/ Every time i have meal on flight, i just hoping i won’t throw up…
    by the way, that was Juneyao air we took from Jeju to shanghai 😀

  • Toast Rack

    I love airplane food. Not so much the food itself, but the excitement of opening all the little boxes and packets 🙂 x

  • I just had an amazing meal yesterday on a flight from Barcelona to JFK. I wish I photographed it. I was bumped up to first class to I had tons of yummy options! Thanks for the inspiration. I’ll probably start doing this now 🙂

  • PrincessAlana

    beautiful and so yummy looking! I think the first one with the prawns looks like it would be my favorite!

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  • People always complain about airplane food, but I love it. I love that it’s all so neat and organised 🙂 I always taken photos, but I haven’t shared any on my blog. I should do that.

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