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Airplane Dining: The Hot Soup Edition

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People, friends, readers and stalker; welcome the fourth installment of Airplane Dining. Of many regular features I have been trying to write, this is the most useless one for you. Yet, this is the only one I keep writing about. Let’s see, maybe one day Eva Air will invite me to ride on the Hello Kitty Jet and review the in-flight dining. Hey, Eva Air, I am available, call me *insert eager wink here*.

1. Jakarta – Dubai, Jun 2015 – Emirates

Emirates Inflight Meal

Took Emirates once this year, to and fro Dubai. I usually love everything about Emirates, but this time, the food was meh. The main dish was rice with chicken curry thingy which tasted okay, accompanied by not so nice prawn salad and weird looking tofu which I refused to try. And they didn’t serve ice cream! How could you, Emirates?!

On the flip side, there was an (almost) free flow of wine, which kept me entertained and chirpy even though I was squeezed between Mama Geek and my aunty for 7 hours straight. So yeah, after all that, Emirate still is my favorite airline.

2. Jakarta – Singapore, June 2015 – Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Inflight Meal

I need to learn to take better pictures of airplane food, especially if it has natural lighting. If only there is an online course about it, I am sure I can ace-it, eventually.

Meanwhile, the ghastly picture above was taken on my first leg of the trip to Otaru, Japan. I went straight from work to the airport and was caught in the bad traffic for 2.5 hours. Man, that was one stressful ride. I kept thanking God that I could still make it on time.

In the plane, I was seated by the window with a lady who read an interesting looking foreign novel on the other side. There wasn’t much to report back about the food. The fish was bad, but what can you expect it’s airplane food, it’s hard to keep fresh food. As a rule of thumb, I avoid ordering seafood meals on air these days. Gosh, that makes me sounds like Emily Gilmore.

The cake was almost good.

3. Singapore to Narita, July 2015 – JAL

JAL inflight meal

Now let’s talk about my most favorite on this airplane dining series part.

It was a red-eye to Narita and I had to sit separately from my besties as we booked the same flight separately. This time also, I chose window seat. On the other side, there was a light sleeper who, as I could sense, kept waking up every time I tossed and turned inside the blanket. Oops, sorry sis or was it bro? I couldn’t really tell.

A few hours later, I was woken up to this meal. Yumm!! I polished everything except for the salad, because salad in the air was just a depressing concept. The best part about it was the miso soup. Miso soup on air, people! That’s something you don’t get to experience every time you travel, I thought while high-fiving myself. I spoke too soon..

4. Narita to Hokkaido, July 2015 – JAL

JAL inflght meal soup

Later in the day, on our way from Narita to Hokkaido, JAL served us tomato soup. It was still pimping hot and absolutely delish, perfect to be eaten with bread. Such a comfort food, especially after we ran like mad dogs from one terminal to another terminal because we were super duper late, also Narita terminal 1 and 2 were confusingly far. Lucky for us, they didn’t close the gate, even though we clearly missed it by 5 mins. Japan is the best!

Next time I want to try ANA which come highly recommended by a local friend.

Thanks for reading you guys. This will be the last Airplane Dining series. For this year, I mean. What? You don’t think, I would stop about this, do you? I truly enjoy writing it, reminiscing the food and the not so fun memories of the turbulences of being on the air. For next time, I promise I will take better pictures and sharing snaps taken from different airline seats. Now, where should I sign up for an in-flight meal photo course?

What’s your favorite local airline? How about International one?

Read my airplane dining installment here, here and here (featuring Miaw).

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