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Airplane Dining: On My Tray Featuring Miaw

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Hi you guys, Happy Valentine’s Day Eve or Friday The Thirteen, whichever suits your mood better. I am bringing to you the third instalment of Airplane Dining, where I take pictures of the things I eat 40,000 feet up in the air and share it with you for no good reason. Still, I hope you enjoy it!

1. Asia – Europe, 2014, Emirates

Airplane Dining

This wasn’t my tray, it was my cousin’s. We had to sit separately because we changed our flight schedule in the last minute to accommodate another family member who ended up not traveling. While I was stuck in between two middle-aged uncles (why do I attract uncles? Why can’t Bradley Cooper gets an epiphany to live a normal life and decides to fly commercial and seat in economy class?), she was having a quality time with that bottle of wine. I could have asked for one, but I was too scared, too jumpy and too busy praying to God to keep the plane safe and let us live at least until we are done vacationing. Putting my irrational fear of flying aside, this was the best plane I have ever taken. It has WiFi and power point. We are living in a privileged era people, let’s never forget that.

2. Zurich – Nice, 2014, Swiss Air

Swiss Air

Our flight from Zurich to Nice was uneventful. Zurich airport had a long corridor while our flight time was quite short. Since our flight ticket to Nice was cheap, I thought we were flying budget, apparently not. The flight attendances were extra nice and we were served cake and chocolate. Although the Zitronen-Cake was stale, I wouldn’t mind flying Swiss Air again.

3. Salzburg – Vienna, 2014, *ehem* Train

Coffee in Train

You have guessed it correctly, this wasn’t an airplane food tray, at least not in the economy class; it was on the train (I cheated, sue me!). We were on our way from Salzburg to Vienna and we got the coffee for free. I am a sucker for tiny milk/creamer sachet, I used to steal it from everywhere, had to take a picture of it. It turned out blurry, but Miaw look almighty here so I want to include it here.

4. Netherlands – Dubai, 2014, Emirates

Airplane Dining

And finally, for today, our meal on the transit flight to Dubai. It looked appetizing and I am sure it would taste the same, had I not finished a space brownie hours before. During those eight hour journey all I want was to sleep and eat mini salted pretzels and I did just that over and over again.

Do you take note of what you eat on the plane or you couldn’t care less as long as you reach your destination?

Ps. Read about my first and second Airplane Dining instalment. Thanks for reading! May the (extra) love be with you this weekend you guys!

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