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Airplane Dining: Eating 40,000 Feet Up

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Airplane food is not cheap, but it calms my flying jitters down knowing there is a bento waiting to be served to me up in the sky. So I ordered it whenever I could and I have been documenting it since last year for a sole reason; it makes me happy. Btw, these days I stopped taking pictures of it with the camera. It’s uncomfortable to take a camera from the bag and snap a picture of the meal in front of you while being stuck in between strangers who usually are middle aged uncles.

1. Singapore – New Zealand, 2014 – Singapore Airlines

Airplane Dining Singapore Airlines

We were lucky to get a last minute, 1-for-1, deal from SQ. Since it’s a long haul I came flew with high expectation. The food was nice, but I have had better from less known (and cheaper) airlines. It makes me wonder how come it’s the number #1 airlines in the world? Maybe it’s me being bitch because I was hungry half of the time (they served food only two times on a 9 hour flight).

2. Cambodia , 2014 – Cambodia Air

Nasi Lemak Airplane

It was a morning flight, this was our breakfast. I ordered oriental fried rice, but I didn’t really like it so I made Hulk shared his half-eaten Nasi Lemak. It was so tasty that we ordered another one even though we were landing shortly. Pre-holiday high has no limitation.

3. India – Singapore, 2014 – Tiger Airways

Tomato Rice

Who ate food at midnight 40,000 feet in the sky? I did. I just came back from a family function, packed my bag and took a flight to be able to go to work right after I landed. It was a tiresome night and I knew a meal would help me forget about the pilling paperwork that was waiting for me in a few hours. It came, I tore it open and had to force myself to finish it. The picture described it quite well. The Tomato Rice (I think it’s tomato rice) was such a disappointment. Here is how actual tomato rice looks like and its recipe.

4. SingaporeHome, 2014 – Air Asia

Nasi Minyak Palembang

Nasi Minyak Palembang is an Indonesian delicacy, directly translated as oily rice. Sounds so unappealing no? It was oily but oh so yummy, you guys! The rice was cooked with spices and served warm with curry beef. At times I feel like Mz Fluff lives inside of me and dictates me to eat to mix food items I love, rice and deep fried. Recipe for oil rice. Btw, in case you are wondering, the book title was Strange Weather in Tokyo by Hiroma Kawakami, one of the best light read.

That concludes the second part of Airplane Dining series, my most expensive dining experiences, served in the sky. Can’t believe I posted the first part only six months ago. I am lucky, no doubt of that. Here is to a similar post in the near future, because not only filled my tummy, it fed my soul as well. What’s the best airplane food you have ever eaten? I am participating in #BlogEverydayinSept and Four Things Friday. Connect with me? I am buzzing on TwitterInstagramBlogLovin’ and occasionally on Google+.

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