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Blogmas Day 4: A Week To Christmas

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Hulk called to complain about my Blogmas blog posts. He said I am just sharing a bunch of links. Hey, isn’t Christmas is all about sharing and memories, dude? Speaking of memories, and to take a break from link share, I want to update about my almost a week to Christmas compared to last year (as much as I could recall).

Mickey Liberty

Last year, I spent my Christmas week in Singapore, chillaxing and doing nothing while all my friends were still working. I mostly spent my daytime alone, roaming around Orchard while frequenting Kinokuniya and bubble tea shops. I enjoyed it though I felt a little lost and lonely at times.

A few days before Christmas, I fell and injured my knee pretty badly, which resulted in Miaw taking over the blog and writing the Christmas post. Fortunately, the injury wasn’t that bad, it didn’t stop us celebrating our anniversary (mine and Hulk’s, not mine and Miaw’s) early at a Persian restaurant.

I  spent some quality time with my BFF who soon would be leaving to Sydney. I got a red rose, met my niece for the first time, bought a love lock, made new friends, painted my nails yellow, did heavy duty scrapbooking, wrote and sent out a lot of Christmas cards. I had my picture taken in a pretty dress which has become my LinkedIn profile picture in the past one year.

I also bought a bunch of stuff, justifying it as Christmas gifts to myself, including Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work! and ban.do’s 2015 planner.

Stationary shop Singapore

This year I spent most of my almost Christmas week at work, trying to clear off as much work as possible before jetting off to Aussie to meet my beloved. I am doing this Blogmas posts while taking up crochet during my work break. For now, I have successfully made a very messy straight line which I claimed as a friendship bracelet or braided hair accessories.

I have been soaking in the festive mood and feeling extra joyous because of it, so much so that I have started to burn all my fancy special occasion candles for real.

I don’t feel lonely nor lost anymore. I feel umm.. hanging. I have been waiting for a good news to come into realization.

Only today, I got the time to buy Christmas cards and gifts, including one for my Secret Santa person at work. I have yet to write and send the cards (is it too late already? Should I just text everyone and be make up for it next year?), I haven’t bought gifts for the boys in my life. I haven’t set my travel itinerary yet, nor have I packed. Looking at the long list of to do list I have before Christmas, I feel like I am in desperate need of additional days or energy to be able to tick off all of it.

I also bought a bunch of stuff, justifying it as Christmas gifts to myself, including Swatch 2014 Holiday Twist (finally, after twisting and turning everywhere for it) and some books. So that’s it, my last and this year’s a week to Christmas.

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What do you differently during this Christmas week compared to last year? Also, please give me ideas on what to give male colleagues for Christmas. Chocolate? Candy? Candles? Coffee? Help I am kinda Confused.

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