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A Friendship Moment in a Coffee Shop

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I flipped my irregularly used diary, reading my infrequently written entries. A particular one caught my eyes. The one I wrote in The Coffee Academics, a coffee shop in Causeway Bay after spending a good hour in the opposite bookstore. I filled in the pages while waiting for BFF to do something. She came, had our coffee and decided to write our future goals. It might seem silly for people our age to do that, but this is what we do, since forever. Sitting somewhere discussing our future. We should have had kids by now, but we only have a list of goals. Here is the snippet of the entry:

7 Jul14 – I am sitting by the window of the most famous coffee shop in Hong Kong. In front of me there is a honey drizzled strawberry tart. Three things I enjoyed immensely, people watching, honey drizzled stuff, and tart. I can’t eat it though. Why? Because she said “don’t you eat anything before I take pictures of it!“. Ugh! I can’t think of anything else to write while the tart is begging me to eat it.


Now that we have polished it off (OMG so GOOD!), we are giving this place a 5 star recommendation. The service is excellent, chill ambiance, music in the background and lots of seating places, some of it by the window facing the street. We have found the holy grail of a metropolis coffee shop.

BFF just did the most suggestive “aaaaaah” while sipping her hot spicy apple cider.

I haven’t forgotten that today is Monday and instead of sitting in my cubicle in the left corner of the 33rd floor in Singapore. I am here, traveling, coffee-ing and writing, with my BFF beside me, who can’t stop talking about her drink. Easily obsessed, this one.

Book and Tart

We just came from the bookstore opposite the road. Cosmos. We thought it’s a neighborhood bookstore, but nope, it was two stories place with an impressive collection of not so new books. I bought a book from a local blogger. It looked interesting and if it, I will buy another book of his in the airport.


GGP Goes To Europe (by 2019) Baibeh 

We are backpacking through Europe. No matter what commitment we have. 8 countries in 31 days, Just the two of us.

Itineraries as below:

  1. Visit the bohoest coffee shop – BFF.
  2. Take a cooking class – me.
  3. Road trip in a convertible – BFF.
  4. Take a cross country overnight train – me.
  5. Eat the pizza at L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele (Eat Pray Love) – BFF.
  6. Hike a mountain – me.
  7. Wear a matching clothes from head to toe for one whole day – me.
  8. Weed, man! – BFF.
  9. Stay out for 24 hours – me.
  10. Overnight camping on the beach – BFF.


Again, it might sound childish, leaving our future husband and kids to smoke weed in Europe while wearing matching clothes, but this is what we do. These are our GPP goals. And I wouldn’t be where I am now without these moments with her.

Link up Travel Tuesday & #BlogEverdayinSept.

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