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A Day Meal in Penang

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Penang is known as one of the best street food cities in Asia. Since I am a travel-blogger wannabe I want to write about my Penang food experience. I am going to steer clear from the famous ones though, because first, it has been reviewed so many times and secondly, I don’t really like those food (Gasp!).


We have been eating Nasi Lemak for a few days because it was served everyday as the hotel breakfast. Nasi lemak is a coconut rice served with egg, anchovies, cucumber, and chilli. Usually eaten as a breakfast.

Yes, we, the people in this part of the world eat rice for breakfast. 

On the last day, I had enough of Nasi Lemak so we decided to venture out.

Hulk’s friend’ recommended China House. It is a long rectangular shaped coffee and pastries shop cum art gallery and theatre. Marvellous place! It is like a piece of Paris in the street of Penang!

The ambiance is very chic; with huge mirrors, paintings, small tables, chalkboard and a huge dinning table that showcase cakes which keep coming and coming. This place also serves beverages, liqueurs and homemade ice creams. 

Mother ship I have arrived.

And the cakes? I was giddy. I wanted all of it, but I chose only one. One first.. but which one would be my first?

China House Cakes

Looksy looksy and I found Sacher Torte. I have been wanting to try this cake since I read it in The Winter Traveler and Other Stories by Erza S.T. In the book, he mentioned about eating Sacher Torte in Vienna and it being the best cake in the world. Easy decision. Sacher Torte it was.

The cake was fine but definitely far from the original one which you can get online. I haven’t bought it myself. I draw the line at ordering cake half a world away at 20 Euro and 7 business days of waiting.

Wondered what’s upstairs? Only Art Gallery and theatre? Maybe they have rooms to rent? I would love to stay there. The image of walking past this heavenly smell everyday.. Ayayay!!

China House Shop

While eating and smiling, I realised something; my happiness depends a lot on my sugar level. Unfortunately, we were rushing that day since it’s our last day in Penang, so there wasn’t much time to explore and eat lavishly ala Antoinette.

I shall come back one day for you, China House, because we belong together.

Address: 183B Victoria Street, George Town, Penang.


Passion of Spices

Hulk picked this restaurant the minute he saw the food guide in Penang. Passion of Spices looks like a house turned into a restaurant. The interior has strong homely vibe, and the friendly owner was also there, all motherly, ready to serve us. It made me feel like I was eating at our own dining table. Nice.

Banana Leaf Meal

We had tomato rice served on a banana leaf. We ordered fried bittergroud and each of our favorite seafood; fish fry for Hulk and crab curry for me. Despite being on antibiotics and feeling physically exhausted, I enjoyed the food. I could taste the spices on the fragrant fried bittergroud. The curry crab? It was finger licking-ly food. So much that it reminded me of grandma’s cooking (need to check whether grandma had a connection with Penang).

Although it’s located at residential areas, I could see that this restaurant is quite well-known. I saw foreigners, us, as well as Chinese guests.

Highly recommending this place for anyone who has a taste for Indian food. Lovely place with delicious food.

Address: 5, Lorong Endah 4, Brown garden, Gelugor, Penang.


Soup was on my Penang “to eat” list. Why? For the sole reason I have a memory of eating soup by the road side in Penang with my mom. I remembered enjoying the soup and that moment so much.

Lucky for me, the taxi driver who dropped us at the hotel mentioned about a soup place. Sup Hameed is located at Upper Penang road, opposite Hotel Malaysia, a walking distance from our hotel. It is a long stall by the roadside, but it’s not a small place. It could easily fit thirty sitting outside.

Sup Hameed served different types of local delights like nasi lemak, roti canai, etc but the star was the thick piping hot soup.

It wasn’t easy to drag my hygienic Hulk to go and eat by the roadside but this time I did. He tagged along. I made a deal, if he didn’t like it, we could go somewhere else later so he could eat something else.

I ordered mutton soup and Hulk wanted it too, hahaha.. tempted eh? We had it with slices of bread. It was really good. It satisfied my stomach and memory craving. Soup Hameed is a chosen dish for supper on drizzling nights.

Sup Hameed

And lastly, Penang’s a tropical fruits heaven. Perfect dessert on a hot day. At Batu Feringgih, I ordered 20 Ringgit worth of cut fruits and demolished all in minutes. I would have ordered more if it’s not for Hulk who stopped me because I was still coughing. Still, Penang. Fresh fruit. Hot day. You will love it.There you go, local eating places that are not usual. If you happen to try one of it, I would love to hear your opinion. For the rest of you, do tell me where is your sugary heaven?

(I am sorry for not taking enough pictures of all the food I tried in Penang. When the meal was served, I forgot about other things and just focus on these deliciousness in front of me).

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