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Late For The Party: 2016 Goals

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You guys, I am kinda late for the “party” but I want to share my 2016 goals with all of you. Do you set up goals in the beginning of the year? From what I read, people are having different opinions about new year resolutions. Some do it, some couldn’t care less about resolutions, some call it differently, some choose the word of the year instead (I have it as well, my word of the year is.. *please read below*) and some just plain refuse to do it for the sake of a new year but still try to better themselves.

I do it. Every year. I call it goals not resolutions because 1. I don’t know the difference. 2. It doesn’t matter what I call it. This yearly goal setting is a tradition I share with my BFF. Every year and on birthdays we write our goals on a piece of paper and share it with each other. It’s nice to see all these goals coming into realization over the years. We have gone through many goals from “dance the night away with a guy”, “release caged birds” to “move to Singapore”. We have been each other No.1 supporter. It’s an annual tradition that I cherish a lot.

I sent her the 2016 goals list a few days ago. “Why 16?”, she asked. “Because it’s two thousand-16, Jik”. She promised to share hers soon. I look forward to see it because I know it’s going to be an interesting list.

goals in 2016

Here are my 2016 goals:
  • Choose and spread joy.

This is a shared goal is inspired by and with Che. This year we want to show extra kindness and spread more joy. We even cooked up a secret plan for Valentine’s day together. I will share it here once realized.

  • Make a Japan zine.

It’s my wish to create a zine ever since I knew there is such thing called Zine. Choosing Japan for the topic was no-brainer as I can talk all day, everyday, about it. I am in the phase of brainstorming and collecting ideas on what to put on it. The hardest part will be the illustration parts as my drawing is equivalent to a 6 yo.
  • Attend Melbourne Writers Festival.

When we were in Melbourne for the first time, I told Jik that I want to experience MWF some day. She said I will and then so proceed to take my picture in front of the poster. It will be 4 years in August when I am planning to attend it (buying the ticket next month. #Excited)

  • Read 20 books.

Well, this one is pretty specific. I significantly read less these days, what with the TV crime dramas, actual work and blogging. I enjoy reading, love books and adore bookstores. I don’t know why I don’t read more often? Until now I just finished a book in 2016. I know could have read more if only I prioritized my time better.
  • Value time more.

Like I said before, I need to learn to prioritize. I am genuinely embarrassed that as an adult I could still con by the lazy part of my brain into watching TV/sleep after midnight/sleep in/do hundred more unnecessary tasks instead of allocating my valuable time to achieve great things. Ugh!

Also, I need to value peoples’ time more and start being early or on time, especially work related stuff.

That brings us into..

  • Practice diScipline.

The highest habit mountain I need to conquer. I know it’s not going to be easy and I plan to start slow and small until it’s ingrained in my brain. Including..
  • Write everyday.

I am painfully aware that my writing game needs to level up and for now the only thing I can and need to do is to practice writing everyday. I know I would want to kiss myself at the end of 2016 for sticking to this goal.

  • Commit to extra effort.

I want to put extra effort in every important thing that I do in life, be it socializing with important people, work, myself, blogging and personal projects.
  • Travel to new places.

At last, one fun goal for this year. I have a long list of places I want to travel to this year, from Christmas Island to New York. In total I have like 6 new countries I want cross off this year. I do dream big when it comes to travel 🙂

  • Open a time deposit account.

My dreams need to be supported by money. The accountant in me thinks opening a time deposit will be the next step to financial freedom. It’s definitely a cure for my drunk online shopping saga, which has been happening rather frequently the whole last year.
  • Ban shopping.

This was the last goal I decided to include in 2016 after getting a Frappucino and Lumiee phone case from Amazon recently — I was sober. I believe ban shopping period will be a very good thing for me. It certainly will be an interesting experience.

  • Minimize.

  • Migrate to Australia.

  • Make  magazine clippings.

  • Take better and more pictures.

I want to learn something new every year. Last year I learned (and failed) at French, still I was glad I did it. This year, photography and drawing interest me. It’s fun enough and active enough to be a hobby and both are able to teach mindfulness.
  • Experience new things.

Experience new things, however small, excite me. It makes my heart happier and my world wider. I shall do it regularly.

How about you, what are your 2016 goals?

I hope, me sharing my goals here will inspire you to make 2016 goals/resolutions/promises/habits of your own. Thanks for reading. Let’s shine*!

*Shine is my word of the year. What’s yours?

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  • Love love love your goals! I hope you succeed in crossing them off your list. By the way, did you succeed in wearing more lipsticks last year? I borrowed that one from you, but it was a big fail! Though I love it and everyone says color looks great on my lips, but I somehow never bothered.

    • Foreign Geek

      I did! Not as often as I would love but I loved how I felt on the days I wore it. Maybe we should continue that one as well?

  • I love these! Have you read blondeonabudget.ca? She’s super inspirational to me when it comes to shopping bans and minimizing, she’s well into year 2 of her total shopping ban! It’s fascinating. She has a good series on minimizing too. And you can ask me if you ever need help, I love minimizing 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Thanks for introducing me. I just subscribed to her blog. I would love to, let me bounce some ideas back to you asap.

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