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2014 Travel List Take Me To..

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First post of the year! Gooooong.. (I am virtually hitting a giant gong) Happy 2014 you guys. Thank you for reading. Really thank you. This year, I have fun plans for this blog, so stay subscribed.

A travel blogger wannabe, I daydream about being on the road, with a DSLR and a travel journal while I am actually reconciling bank statements in the office cubicle. Kinda like Walter Mitty dreaming about being Sean O’Connell (Movie reference: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty — Have you watched it? It’s a light hearted movie, with best parts kept in the last half of the movie, a good choice for a start of the year). The first thing I do today, after waking up groggy this morning due to consuming excessive amount of bubbly drinks on NYE, is listing the places I want to travel to this year. 


Image Source: Lonely Planet
Image Source: Lonely Planet

Yin went there recently and took the awesome pictures of the place, and it’s the sole reason Yogyakarta made to the list because actually I have been there before. Twice. The first one when I was a toddler. The two years old me didn’t know I was in Yogyakarta, I only have a picture proof of a messy haired kid standing in Borobudur templeThe second time when I was in junior high. I remember being excited, yelling on top of my lungs from the rickshaw. I thought it was just a teenager’s adrenaline. Now, I would like to think it was my wanderlust gene, which I didn’t recognize yet that time, so I plan to go back. This time to really see and savor it.


Image Source : Lonely Planet
Image Source : Lonely Planet

When it comes about Angkor Wat I have been living under the rocks you guys. I usually skipped anything and everything about Angkor Wat since I got to know about it from the movie Tomb Raider, like most people do, because it felt like an overexposed tourist attraction. Going to Cambodia for just one temple didn’t seem right. That was before I read the book my colleague bought for her granddaughter during office lunch, the Wonders Of The World. It was a good book, very educative, filled with colorful drawings. I read about Angkor Wat in it; the history, the beliefs, the detailed carvings, it’s so captivating. Oh yes, I am going to Angkor Wat.


Bagan Temples
Image Source : Lonely Planet

Burma had been on my list for more than a year now, even before lonely planet made it one of their best adventure travel for 2014.

A visit to Bagan temple of course is on the list, but the main reason to go is Inle Lake. I imagine myself staying for a couple of days in the hut at one of the fisherman villages ON the lake, soaking up the beauty, enjoying simpler moments, and living a travel writer’s life. Ah.. Also, I plan to eat Shan noodle for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Image Source : Lonely Planet
Image Source : Lonely Planet

I have been pushing this plan aside due to political reasons, inconveniences, and it wasn’t an easy access even though it is a neighboring country. This year though, I feel like should really visit Burma instead of rewriting it again on my next year list especially because it’s a neighboring country.


I was and still am reluctant to put India on my travel list (hearing boohoo from some of you), and yes it seems like everyone I know have been there. My school friend’s Facebook lately filled with beautiful pictures of Rajasthan (she married an Indian); my best friend (her sibling married an Indian as well – Indian men, one of the hottest item of 2013); my bestie, Fia; even the girl I met at the party last year, who, when I complimented on her necklace, gave me twenty minutes elaborate stories of her getting it from India during a road trip visiting the cities in the south, which she couldn’t even pronounce properly *envious tone*

Taj Mahal
Image Source : Incredible India

Indian cultures attract me. Taj Mahal is well TAJ MAHAL, a must see. I love Indian food, oh so very much. I would leave my day job this very second to be a supporting cast in Rabir Kapoor’s movie, even if the role is to be his mother or brother, as long as I could hug him. I guess it’s about taking the leap of faith and jump into.. hmm Delhi belly? Deadly traffics? Taxi drivers hotel scam? I am not sure you guys. I need a little more push for India, but for now it’s on the list.

That’s it. My 2014 travel list. Did you notice a common thread? All four places have temples — Temple is FG’s 2014 travel theme. Now I need to join Trevolta get sponsored for these travels or maybe just reconcile the damn bank statements properly, receive a bonus and fund the travels with it.

Four Things Friday

Four Things Friday, a blogging thingy I am doing this year, the idea behind it is to list four things every Friday (duh!). It is the combinations of things I like: making lists, the number four, Friday and writing about what I like or don’t. I might open a link up for it in the future but not now, not when I’m still a wannabe blogger wannabe.

I would REALLY love to hear what is on your 2014 travel list this year. If you don’t have one yet, do it today because, I am pharaprasing Lao Tzu here,  the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single list.

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  • i hope you get to travel to all of them!!

  • Yiwen

    I want to go Myanmar!

  • You have an amazing list here! All sound like great destinations, and I can personally vouch for the Angkor temples. I *loved* them!
    I feel you on dreaming about travel while sitting at work. I don’t work in a cubicle, but I still dream of travel while I do it! Travel tends to permeate my brain like that! 🙂

  • Rima Sagala

    uh duh. India is on my list like forever. of course i’m dying to hit the Holi celebration but I don’t know if I can do it this year. Must save up for Brazil for World Cup. Mahal coi.

  • What an awesome travel list for 2014! I hope you get to visit all of those countries. That would be such a fun and exciting experience. I’ve been really interested in Southeast Asia lately. My interests started after I took some classes about Southeast Asian history. I thought it was so interesting. The countries on my travel list for 2014 are Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. I’m crossing my fingers that it will happen!

  • Cambodia is also on my travel list for this year. Can’t wait!!!
    Claire xx
    somewhere… beyond the sea

  • Casey C

    Gosh..I really need to get myself to Asia….so many cool places! Cambodia looks ridiculous. So, so cool. And the Taj Mahal is absolutely on my bucket list. Someday! 🙂

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