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200th Post + 11 Facts

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Grüezi you guys. This post is special because das ist mein 200th blogeintrag. Yep, I have written 200 posts here! Can you believe that?! It was only early this year I celebrated my 100th post, but yeah, apparently not working and posting a few posts dated posts in the draft folder expedited the numbers a whole lot faster.

Foreign Geek 100th

We are in Zurich now, I think I could easily find a way to celebrate this tiny accomplishment. I didn’t bring my laptop and I have sold out my iPad. Between typing on my iPhone screen and being high on holiday I am not sure I could live update how I celebrate it, though most probably it involved lots of cake eating and bubbles drinking. For now I present to you random facts about me. It’s something I have been wanting to write for the some time now, but I am not good at being random, so I always stopped myself earlier. Since you are still here after reading 200 of my little posts, I think you can take this. Here goes nothing..

1. My bedroom has been called the purple room for the longest time. Even after we repainted it with maroon, headache inducing neon color and now, soft pink color.

2. I have lived in nine houses, but just one dorm all my life. Maybe that’s why all my worldly possessions were able to be packed into three cartoon boxes.

3. I started blogging in 2007 after being inspired by a Vi’s blog which was written in Chinese. The first blog’s URL was  http://itraveliblog.wordpress.com/. It’s now password protected and the worse part is that I am not sure whether it’s still mine or someone has overwritten it.

4. I’m good at math and I really love money. I thought these combined will make me one happy accountant, boy was I wrong.

5. I have been told that I am the carbon copy of Mama Geek. People kept telling me all the time that it’s like they are looking at a younger version of her. Those were some of the best compliments I have ever gotten.

6. I only have a handful of friends. I prefer it that way and I treasure them dearly.

7. I love getting pedicures and wearing nail polish. I wore it almost all the time when I was working. Not now though, since I am taking some gap time, I am allowing the nails to breathe as well.

8. I wrote a letter to my future self in 2009. I listed down all of our goals. There were a lot of them and at that time seemed almost impossible to achieve. I also congratulated her (me) for accomplishing all of it. I opened the letter a few weeks ago and I swear on the fattest fairy God mother that I, indeed, accomplished all. So I wrote a similar one recently, to be open in 2015.

9. One day, I will be inheriting two pet swans. Yes, it’s stated in the will and all.

10. I have forty first cousins. Yep, we are a tribe of our own. A number of them came to celebrate Diwali to our house recently and I was so happy to meet them again.

11. I only started drinking white wine starting this year. Previously I felt like it smells like piss (! ^^). I hope I get to drink lots of Glühwein, the mulled wine famous in a German speaking country, during this time of travel. I had it once at Fia’s Chirstmas party and I’m hooked.

Thank you for reading eleven of Is you guys. I wish you were having a great time too, wherever you are. I will update you with stories about Zurich once I am back.

I want to thank you very much for sticking with me on this journey. It felt extra nice to have someone reading your work. You make it all even better.Widerluege for now!

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  • Rima Sagala

    Grüezi girl! Please do adopt 2 swans and bring them home. haha… it was really super nice to meet you in person and get to hang out for a day. please visit Europe again or better yet, AMERICA. Hehehe…

    • Foreign Geek

      Ay ay captain. I am hatching a plan to visit US next year but first must find a job asap. The irony that Switzerland is known for its banking system yet it managed to drain all my savings in less than a week :S

  • I can’t wait to hear about your trip. And congrats on 200 posts!

    • Foreign Geek

      Thank Liz. Posts are coming soon 🙂 Thank you once again. xo.

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