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100 Questions You Should Ask To A Travel Junkie

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Questions To Ask A Traveler

We all know that one person, who always has just came back from traveling to yet another exotic place. We envy them, we want to exchange lives with them, well at least we are happy that we are sharing a social circle where we can sit down with the globetrotter and travel vicariously from their stories. And when we do, please, let’s ask them stimulating questions! Nothing as general as “Tell me all about your travels..” nor something as silly as like “Window seat or aisle seat?“. Instead, here is a list of 100 questions to ask a fellow travel lover:

  1. Have you ever cried at the airport?
  2. What makes you the happiest while traveling?
  3. How long is the longest time you have been away from home?
  4. Would you time travel?
  5. Where is one place you don’t mind visiting repeatedly?
  6. Do you collect similar types of photographs while traveling?
  7. Where did you buy your latest backpack or luggage?
  8. Who or what do you want to be known as?
  9. What would you do if you can’t travel anymore?
  10. Do you collect souvenir? If yes, what do you collect?
  11. What was the last view on the road that made you all tingly inside?
  12. Where was your first trip ever?
  13. A piece of advice would you give to someone who just started traveling.
  14. What’s your favorite street in the world?
  15. Do you consider yourself more of a backpacker or a luxury traveler?
  16. Where is your most favorite hang out at your home country?
  17. What is your favorite beverage? Which country makes it the best?
  18. What is your travel style?
  19. Do you make an effort to befriend people you meet while traveling?
  20. How can travelers give a positive contribution to the places they travel to?
  21. In how many languages can you say thank you? Which one do you like the most?
  22. How much do other cultures alter your way of thinking?
  23. Where are you now?
  24. When did you first get bitten by a travel bug?
  25. How has travel affected your friendships in general?
  26. Do you maintain routines when you travel?
  27. Please give a piece of advice for a travel writer!
  28. Where have you been that you don’t really care for?
  29. Where do you want to retire?
  30. What do you do when you feel homesick?
  31. Do you remember the best airplane food you have ever eaten?
  32. What is your biggest, boldest, wildest goal in life?
  33. Where are you heading next?
  34. Have you ever missed a flight?
  35. How much does a coffee cost at your home country?
  36. What do you think is the biggest sacrifice you have done for the sake of traveling?
  37. Who is your favorite travel literature author?
  38. Which city has unbeatable party scene?
  39. Have you ever hosted a foreigner friend at your house?
  40. Do you document your travels? How?
  41. What is your biggest first world problem while traveling?
  42. What is the single best memory of your travels?
  43. What is your favorite city in the world? Would you move there?
  44. What’s your favorite social media app to update your travels about?
  45. What one beauty item you cannot let go no matter where you are?
  46. Can you think of one person in your life that you wish would travel more?
  47. What is the most bizarre place you have ever stayed overnight at?
  48. Where would you throw your birthday party if you could do it anywhere in the world?
  49. Which family member would you love to take to travel with?
  50. A travel quotes you live by.
  51. Have you ever regretted taking a trip somewhere?
  52. What is your current obsession of travel gadget?
  53. Do you keep tradition from home when you are travelling?
  54. Where is your heaven on earth?
  55. Who were you ten years ago?
  56. Which country has the hottest locals?
  57. How important is being fashionable for you when you are traveling?
  58. Which country has the best education system?
  59. What is the weirdest item you keep in your carry on?
  60. Tell us about one person you meet on the road that made an impact on you?
  61. What’s your favorite source for travel inspiration or information?
  62. Have you ever bought a traditional piece of clothing from the country you visit?
  63. Who is the best travel companion?
  64. When did you start traveling?
  65. If you were a city, what would you be?
  66. What’s your dream job that’s not travel related?
  67. Have you ever done something illegal while traveling?
  68. Tell us about your passions other than traveling?
  69. What do you miss at home the most whenever you are on the road?
  70. Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to travel?
  71. Where, outside of your own country, do you feel home the most at?
  72. What is one thing you want to change about the way you travel?
  73. Where is your favorite theme park?
  74. What is your favorite food on the road? Something you could eat again and again.
  75. Which country is at the top of your travel list?
  76. What was the most expensive meal you have ever eaten for while traveling?
  77. What was the biggest mistake you made in relation to traveling?
  78. What was the biggest argument you ever had with your travel partner?
  79. What attracts you to visit a new destination?
  80. What is your favorite piece of item in your room right now?
  81. What was one item you have lost while traveling that you wish you would get back?
  82. Does bad weather affect your mood while traveling?
  83. Do you prefer to stay and savor a place at a slow pace or do you prefer to jump to new places every so often?
  84. How has travel changed you?
  85. Do you prefer to carry a backpack or stroll luggage?
  86. What projects are you currently passion about?
  87. Do you send postcards from your travel destinations?
  88. What is the meaning of traveling for you?
  89. A question you would ask to a more senior traveler!
  90. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
  91. Where is the most boring place you have ever visited?
  92. Why do you choose to live where you live now?
  93. Where is the most fun airport to have a layover at?
  94. What is your favorite festival to take a part in?
  95. Which country has the most colorful currency?
  96. How do you think we can help the community as a traveler?
  97. What is the biggest downside of traveling?
  98. What is the best travel related gift you have ever received?
  99. Have you ever made a prior plan to meet a stranger in a new place while traveling?
  100. What’s your favorite landmark in the world?

Now, If you have your own question to add to the list or a question you would like to answer from the list, please do it in the comment below or tweet to me @foreigngeek. Link up #TravelTuesday.

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  • Such a GREAT list of questions. It’s so hard when somebody says “what was it like?” as you have a million things to say! These questions help with that 🙂

  • oh man so true! Great questions – I mean I kept kind of answering them – though i’m definitely not a ‘senior traveler’ haha

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